Boost request - A Ugandan Orphanage Needs Your Help! If you can give a few dollars they will accept your donation through PayPal. Every bit helps I'm sure, even a dollar here or there.

@admin For sure mate! :cathug:

Should I create an account for you or do you want to send it?

@stux sorry been busy busy!! I want to point my to your site and have little article of what the school does for the kids.

@admin No problem mate ❤️ Can you maybe create a ticket at Stuxhost?

We can certainly do that 💪 :blobcathearts:

@stux Hey mate!

I have someone to help write the post - if we needed more information from Johnathan could we get an email exchange going? My friend writing it is in India.

@admin Hey mate♥️😻 Ah yes for sure! You van each us three on the email :-)

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