Google has banned me from advertising. The world's biggest advertiser has kicked me off their platform...

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@stux I have no real idea! They won't say. They linked a policy that makes me think when they had me verify documents they didn't like one of them but instead of having me fix it... they banned me.

@Telover Total crap, but I'm kind of stuck trying to get the word out of my new (serious) charity when it's the prime place to get eyeballs.

@admin @Telover Facebook w/ Instagram maybe. For google it is that you are maybe lucky and know someone who works there or you're basically screwed.

@fabiscafe @Telover Yeah, they are ignoring my cases and I think everyone's tired of me spamming Facebook at this point

@admin @Telover I mean advertising on instagram 😃 pretty much everyone is on there.

@fabiscafe @Telover True, I'm advertising there, Reddit, Twitter and spamming this place as much as I can get away with it 🤭

@admin No Ad network should be allowed to have monopoly control over advertising. When they do they also control whether your company or foundation will exist in the future.

@eastcoastweb That's exactly my fear. They are the world's largest advertiser sitting on top of the place where people go, naturally, to get information. I can't get in front of those eyes now without writing an amazing amount of new content (and being better than everyone else at it).

And all we're trying to do is help people. I'm disgusted at their behaviour, they just keep sending the same form response, seemingly no human works there.

@admin They are slowly conquering the browser world too. If not for Firefox, there would only be Chrome or Chromium-based browsers. Once that happens, they will even control what websites can do in code, much like the browser wars where Microsoft had their own "web standards".

@admin I have similar experience working on a Chromium based browser and they just decided to not let anyone log into their Google accounts using it or any other small browsers made through embedding Chromium. They won't talk to me or any of the other developers either, but on the other hand they still talk to the big advertisers, even those promoting get rich quick schemes, so unless you make them millions of dollars, they won't even talk to you now. :blobfoxangry:

@TheCanine How could I ever grow to be an organization that spends millions when the world's entry to information has shadow banned me?

@admin Yeah, that's the sad reality, they got so big they don't really care about anything and some of their practices are just evil.
The only thing left to do is probably support and use the alternatives and hope enough people do it too, so they go broke or at least have to care a little bit about their users again.
Or that they cross paths with someone, who has the money to sue them for their disgusting behavior and the browser/search engine monopoly they maintain.

@shkspra Worst part - they're being stupid. Sure we're just starting out but we could potentially become a decent sized charity - and charities need to BEG through ads... Despite them I will still strive and I guess just not give them any money.


what a shame, such a great thing is slowed down.🤔😐

💩go og le

@admin Twitter banned my friend for 12 hours just because tweeting a swear word. I don't like Big Tech.

@gmate8 I got in trouble for calling a female media personality the c-word, for being a c-word... they said it was hate speech.

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