Thanks to @thor I'm now obsessing over a new crypto token (could easily be on ) that serves as a way to take part in a trade union. Voting rights, collective bargaining power, with a carve out to the industry bosses the union serves as leverage and partnership...

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@admin you know, if you're from Norway, most of the arguments for crypto except "i can make a lot of money in the future" fall apart.

because Norway (and the Nordic countries in general) have a lot of the things that crypto tries to provide anyway.

trade unions as a mainstream concept that businesses just accept as a fact of life. banks that don't fuck your ass over (they can, but for the vast majority of people, they just provide a useful service). a government that, if they try to pull any shit, will get a heavy public backlash, so it moderates itself.

basically a reasonably functioning democracy.
@admin at worst, our government is clumsy and inept. i can't think of a case where it's very corrupt. there is just this social cohesion.
@admin crypto is based on the concept of lack of trust.

the Nordic countries are based *on* trust.
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