@kranfahrer We are at a great place - we can actually help people! I honestly have needed a technical solution because I want to be able to have more ways to find people who need help and it's soul crushing to have humans looking --- and it's a mixed bag of a problem to have knowing there is at least enough money there to help people a little here and there!!

@stux o.0 i'm interested... want to do the same with nginx + containers behind the scenes

@stux Doing... ok, but well enough to be thankful. Life sure is interesting, didn't know it could keep getting more interesting but here we are!!! Would love to talk about what you're cooking up to see where I can help.

This is what kills discovery on the network. I can't find people on because it's "too many clicks" (pass it on)

I should have replied, as such but I didn't 😂 welcome back to mastodon I guess

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I still think this makes the most sense for all of mankind. The current way we "work" isn't "working" any more social.henzi.org/@admin/107506

I searched something on Bing and the first result was the homepage of Google.

I searched something on Bing and the first result was the homepage of Google.

Earlier I've asked on #Linux how to move my X session back to TTY 7 after it mysteriously switched to TTY 1.

Turns out the cause was SDDM defaulting to starting on the first virtual terminal. The solution was to edit /etc/sddm.conf and add:


The system is back to normal!

:crt_w_prompt: :blobowo:

I want to build an app that sits in that shows you materials at your local library available on that topic.

@stux Morning sir! It's time for bed here! (Way too late, don't tell anyone)

The sad truth is, we don't insure the lives of our children and many of those kids that we do lose die in poverty. We can do better, but only together.


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