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Your local black cat could possibly be a dwarf black panther.

I like my bank because they always text me from the same number

US Politics 

I'm surprised the hike to a $15 minimum wage being debated in the US Congress is so controversial.

When I was in high school in 1972 I worked at McDonald's for $3.25/hour. In 2021 dollars that's $21/hour.

$15 is the LEAST we should do.

I'm out of control. I just ordered a half dozen rubber stamps from Apple Pay makes it too easy.

I'm like an oyster only instead of sand as an irritant, it's developmental trauma and instead of a pearl, it's my personality.

Eight coloured Lilac breasted roller photographed in Maasai Mara national reserve by Munib Chaudry.

someone has spraypainted "COVID IS FAKE" on a fence around an empty lot at the top of my street. tempted to go there late at night and erase the "C" at the start, and add "AND VIRGIL'S POETRY SUCKS BALLS"

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