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Hi, I'm Joseph. I'm 25 years old, a #business owner; #OkayRelax, #American, married, have 2 kids & a dog, & living in the #Philippines.

I'm a #hackintosh user that enjoys #webdev & deploying #selfhosted alternatives to popular services - my latest being #Mattermost.

I came to PH for vacation & ended up not wanting to leave after doing #charity work with #TrueManila. Now I help kids living in poverty & my wife & I are trying to adopt one - an 11 year old girl named Rian.


i might say fuck it and start writing amateur poetry. like i dont know anything about it, but i enjoy writing poetry. i think i enjoy writing about things that remind me of things. thats really general, but i think thats what it comes down to

@admin @c0debabe helped with the designs, and I got them printed locally. The Anarchist Logistics sticker is available from c0debabe's redbubble store.

That Password Generator on the @Stuxhost signup page is just 🔥. I've never seen this before and I love it!

That moment neither wallet wants to recognize your transactions because they aren't meeting the threshold and you've lost thousands of dollars :(

Hot girls get Pfizer, cool kids get J&J, generously endowed foxes get Moderna

@TonyStark Breathing clean air seems like something we should all agree on.

Hey @calculsoberic - check out this video & the entire channel really. The video might interest you but they are all pretty eye opening.

Now That They Don't Need 'Access', Media Admits Trump Lied

Yeah, let me just sort this product search by "Price: High to Low," right after I finish up this swim in my giant vault of gold coins

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